Specifically designed for 4-6 year olds, our Mini Strike programme is designed to teach children important life skills in a fun and exciting way using the techniques and discipline of karate and kickboxing such as blocks, punches and kicks, stances and self-defence.

Young children learn best when they’re playing and having fun. They don’t care that they’re getting fit, they’re improving their coordination or they’re learning new social skills. They just want to have fun and play games, right?

So, our high-energy 30-minute classes are full of games, challenges and activities to coach children the skills of Martial Arts whilst building their focus and concentration, without them even noticing. You will be amazed at what your child can learn and remember at this age.

Children who develop their Fundamental Movement Skills (throwing, catching, jumping, striking, running, kicking, agility, balance, and coordination) in early childhood lead more active adult lives, are less likely to suffer from obesity and have a greater sense of personal worth and achievement. Our programme works on all of those skills, as well as helping your child how to work with others as a team, handle winning and losing, and understand what it means to do your best at home and at school.

We also recognise just how important you are in their Martial Arts journey. Without the support of their family and friends children can very quickly lose interest, so in almost all of our classes you’re invited on the mats to help hold pads, practise blocks and, if they need it, hold their hand until they’re ready to have a go on their own.
Want to get your child on the mats?
The Excel Experience is two weeks of training for your child. You will have the chance to see our classes in action and your child will be able to wear their White Belt with pride. Enrol now and we’ll give you a call back...
Not sure if your child will like it?
It’s incredibly common for children (and adults too!) to feel overwhelmed in their first few classes.  You can help by getting on the mats with them, or encouraging them to watch with you. With time and patience, even the most shy and quiet children begin to grown in confidence, and before you know it recite the student creed in front of their friends!
Excel MA kids