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“Every expert was once an amateur”

Kickboxing is one of the main styles of Martial Arts that we teach at Excel.

Kickboxing gets you fit fast! Stop wasting time in the gym and combine your cardio workout and resistance workouts to burn fat and help you lose weight.

You will discover the best-kept secrets to getting in shape with a smaller waste, toned arms and a sexy lean body. Kickboxers are in incredible shape. They have toned abs, slender muscles and great definition. You can achieve this without stepping in the ring and just by having fun in our kickboxing classes.

Kickboxing is a total body workout, increasing your fitness, flexibility and strength. The classes are for all fitness levels and experiences with classes for total beginners.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is defined as the fighting techniques of karate type kicks with punching of boxing. Kickboxing is a high-energy workout to great music that is fun for the whole family.

There are 4 primary punches – Jab, cross, hook and uppercuts. Your upper arms, shoulders, chest and back will all become more toned.

There are 3 primary kicks – Front kick, roundhouse kick and side kick. Your leg muscles will quickly get toned because you have to use all your muscles to keep your balance and perform the kick.

Here are the top benefits of kickboxing:

High Calorie Burn

On average, you will burn up to 800 calories in a 1-hour class.

Cardiovascular Health

Kickboxing is a great cardio workout and sure to get your heart racing. Classes are designed to improve blood circulation, cardiovascular strength, and endurance one kick at a time.

Total Body Workout

Your entire body is always engaged during kickboxing. Jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts work your upper body, getting your chest, arms, shoulders, and core tight and toned. Roundhouse kicks, front kicks, and sidekicks get your legs and bum toned fast. Kickboxing develops your muscles and can speed up your metabolism. Your fitness will go through the roof!


The structured kickboxing class may seem daunting at first, but Excel Martial Arts’ kickboxing program will help you learn the basics with friendly and supportive coaches and team mates and progress with practice. The combinations of moves will improve your coordination, balance, and sharpen your reflexes.

Relieves Stress

Kickboxing is not only physical, but mental, too. It relieves stress, builds confidence, and demands self-discipline. It teaches your how to stay focused on the positive. It will give you a strong mindset to overcome any challenge in your life.

Increased Energy Levels

You will feel that your energy levels will increase by training in kickboxing because it improves your mind, body and spirit.


Kickboxing classes always have a stretch with a purpose. The stretches in kickboxing will help you increase your flexibility. Having a more flexible body will help you move around easier, play with your children and relax your muscles.


Training in the kickboxing class you will together with different partners so you will make friends with you teammates. We then have social events where you can get to know everyone more too.


You can get addicted to the amazing benefits of kickboxing. You will enjoy learning something new, which keeps you motivated, and you will be proud of your progress.


Kickboxing is a great form of self-defense with effective striking techniques to keep attackers away. You will develop great speed, timing and power through the training so if you did ever need to defend yourself you could quickly and efficiently. Having these skills will increase your confidence.

Get ready to sweat and punch like a champ. Kickboxing is one of the best total body workouts. You will love the class and have lots of fun.

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